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Lets never fight again

Oh fibre optic broadband, oh how I've missed you. I'm home, I'm home.

Give me a day to get caught up on everything!

Hanging on the telephone

Spent half an hour as unofficial Sky+ telephone support for my mother this morning. She has a new box and couldn't get it to work. It is remarkably difficult second guessing her options and doubly so given what she says these days isn't necessarily what she means. Eighty-six and impatient. Anyway, I think we managed to get it going as she seemed to have found ITV3.

In other news I have signed up for ParkRun. This is a free organised 5km run every Saturday in parks in the UK. I can't run 5km so it's all a bit aspirational at the moment, but it is free to get yourself registered and a barcode for when I do feel ready to turn up and give it a go. Three miles and a bit in old money I think.

Writing has been slowish but I did have tremendous fun over at giles-shorts in March. I do a mean drabble, even if I say so myself. ;) Otherwise, I keep knocking out the odd Bookends story. I really need to get going on something new though. Inspiration? Suggestions?


A very pretty pretty


Thrilled to have won for best characterisation for Watchers End

I am rather proud of this story (it's the one with Giles running around London Underground tunnels fleeing bullies and vampires), and I got some lovely comments from the judges.

“Wonderfully written story that felt very true to what Giles might have been like after returning to England. It did an amazing job a getting in the former Watcher’s head. Awesome characterization of Giles. This is a well written dark and atmospheric fic that is descriptive of Giles’ mood of the time. It is very vivid with great detail in the setting and also the OC’s. It is due to the descriptiveness of the OC’s that we have made this our first choice.”

Tags: So on Monday, Mr C and myself are flying out to Rome. It's his 50th and he wanted to do something special. Any dreams I harbour about quitting work are on the back burner until after I have paid off this trip, but it's pretty much once a in a lifetime dream.


Been quiet

I've been pulling in my horns for sometime. Not really engaging here as much as I should. I recognise the signs but won't bore you.

I did manage to restart bookends though. Bookends: Sanctuary

This haircut kills fascists

I need to make some changes in my life but it's all so daunting. The work situation sucks. I applied for another position in the firm and got knocked back without even an interview. This speaks volumes for the high regard they hold me in. I'm invisible to these fucking people. I know one of my colleague got an interview and it hurts me to think he might get the post when I have more direct experience than he does.

Health wise things aren't great. My doctor keep running tests but can't find anything. I know he thinks it's stress and work related but that doesn't help me at all. It may be shit, but my life will not improve if I'm unemployed. I have zero confidence I could find something else. My self esteem is pretty low - but you've figured that already. ;)

Writing has been an escape in the past but it's crushing to post to a dying fandom, so that's not giving me any pleasure and I don't have any bunnies I feel like finishing. It feels odd not to have a Xmas fic to be panicking over. I spent four happy years writing the Monster series but now I can't imagine embarking on anything as ambitious. Oh well. Fun while it lasted.

Look at me! look at me!

A pretty to start my day. There was tough competition in that category, I actually thought quite a few were superior to my story. But ha!


It's the one set in the disused underground station, if anyone is interested. Lots of running around the tunnels way before Sherlock did it. And a fat Jonah and the Whale metaphor mainly cos those tunnels look like whale ribs.

In which my weekend takes a nose dive..

I managed to blackout and fall down my stairs this morning. Very odd coming round and wondering why mr C was on the phone and what did he mean 'she fell down the stairs', who did? And look, paramedics and everything and I'm throwing up in an ambulance. Very strange.

ugh. Nothing broken and I've been discharged and home now. I hit my head a couple of places and had a CT scan. No sign of bleeding but clearly I had concussion for several hours. Some Rupert Giles experiences I don't want to share, you know. :)